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Plant Hunters Fair at Hodnet Hall Gardens, Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st May


We are looking forward to exhibiting at the beautiful Hodnet Hall Gardens next weekend.  

There are 63 acres of gardens with grand vistas, intimate, secluded areas, a walled kitchen garden, magnificent lakes; the glorious setting is almost beyond description!

There have been gardens at Hodnet since the 11th century when the Heber-Percy family constructed their first house in the parkland. Their serious development began in 1921 by the late Brigadier Heber-Percy and today, the 60+ acres are renowned as amongst the finest in the country. Forest trees provide a wonderful backdrop for formal gardens planted to give delight during every season, woodland walks amongst flowering shrubs and a daisy chain of ornamental pools.

Hodnet has recently been awarded National Collection Status for Cercidiphyllum. These wonderful trees color beautifully in autumn and give off a powerful aroma of toffee as the leaves fall, hence the common name of ‘burnt sugar trees’.

Times: 10am - 5pm

Entry to fair and gardens £3.50

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