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Mint Plants for Sale: Buy Mint Plants OnlineMint is a widely used culinary and medicinal herb, and is an essential addition to your herb garden. We have a huge variety of mint plants to buy online, all grown at our Staffordshire herb nursery.

Mint plants are a genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae, and they are found around the world due to their easy-growing nature. Mints are very aromatic and almost exclusively perennial, with a habit of spreading happily if left unchecked.

The leaves are scented strongly with menthol, and range from dark green, gray-green to purple, blue, and sometimes even pale yellow. Flower colour ranges from white to purple and can be extrememly long lived.

Mint plants can make a very pleasing pot herb as they will produce a profusion of leafy growth and provide wonderful scent if the leaves are brushed in passing.