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About Us

Meet the team behind Hooksgreen Herbs and get a flavour of how the nursery began and how it continues to grow.

Established now as one of the leading Herb Nurseries, Hooksgreen Herbs was founded in 2005, and is based at Stone, Staffordshire. Run by the Dickson family, we enjoy a reputation of supplying quality culinary, medicinal and scented herbs to the general public.

Founded originally by Malcolm, Hooksgreen Herbs began its life growing bedding and other perennials as well as herbs, and this inspired his son Thomas to attend Pershore College and achieve an HND in horticulture. Together, they decided to specialise in herbs in 2005, when Thomas returned from a stay in South Africa, armed with some valuable experience as a nurseryman, and more importantly, a South African wife! 

The nursery is now run jointly by all members of the expanded Dickson family, and at present, we all live on the farm - a real family affair!

The business has gone from strength to strength, and is seen as one of the premier nurseries supplying herbs to the general public, enjoying a good reputation for their service and quality. Selling at all the RHS Horticultural shows as well as the major regional shows and plant fairs, we are a member of the Horticultural Exhibitors Association, and Malcolm has recently joined the executive commitee of the Herb Society.

A great deal of time is spent preparing displays for the shows, and every effort is taken to display the plants at their best - we are always thrilled when we receive a medal for our efforts, and we have collected numerous RHS Gold and Silver Gilt Medals through the years, most notably an RHS Silver Gilt Medal at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

We offer an extensive range of pot grown herbs in 2 sizes: 9cm and 1 litre pots, and also advise on bespoke herb garden designs as well as illustrated talks to groups and societies.

Meet the Team


In any family-run business, roles are often blurred, and in the height of the busy growing season, you will find us all busy across the nursery. 


Malcolm is the front man at all the shows, and is easily identified on the show circuit by his distinctive wide brim leather hat. As well as selling at the Flower Shows, Malcolm is very good at the mail order side of things, and handles all the despatches from our nursery. He has also been known to do a bit of production work on the nursery when he has a moment to spare! To add to his talents, he is in charge of the administration for the business as well.


Susie is our jack of all trades: from selling at the shows, printing our bespoke plant labels, planting seeds and pricking out seedlings, she keeps the wheels of our business rolling, despite teaching music a number of days a week. All this is done in her unflappable way, while also slaving over the Aga to produce delicious food every day without fail, and 'picnic' lunches when the shows are in full swing.


Our production director, he maintains that he does all the hard work on the nursery! From deciding on the growing schedule to sowing seed and taking cuttings, Thomas keeps the nursery full of fabulous home-grown produce. The specimen plants that he grows for the show displays take up a huge amount of time and energy, and their upkeep through the year is a major part of his business.


Jane runs her own very successful business, occasionally come on to the nursery to give advice and lend a hand.

William and Annabel

The junior members of our family are an integral part of the team here at Hooksgreen Herbs, and although Annabel has not yet reached an age where she can be as helpful as William is in the potting shed, her input is still gratefully received.